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 General terms of motorcycle rental



  • Driver’s license: The driver must be holder of a driver’s license or international driver’s license for the respective motor-cycle category. The driver’s license must be in effect and issued in the house of domicile of the renter at least (1) one year prior to the rental date.

  • *Not European Union citizen's need to have additional of their State driver's license and valid International driver's license.

  • UK residences can drive with the regular's driver's license.

  • Mode of payment: The rental of the motorcycle is paid by cash or credit card* (visa, Mastercard) *with a 3% surcharge for bank expenses.

  • Traffic violations–Fines: All fines and administrative penalties shall be born by the renter.

  • Guarantee: For all the rental of the motorcycle is possible only with credit card or cash guarantee (prior to rental and with return of the motorcycle the guarantee can be canceled or returned).

  • Reservations: To make a motorcycle reservation, an advance payment is required, equal to 20% of the rental sum, by cash(Bank transfer) or PayPal .

  • In case of cancellation of the reservation, cash advance cannot be returned.  



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